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Report an Absence

Call the attendance office to report a student's absence or late arrival:

513-682-4117, Option 1

Regular attendance is imperative for successful school achievement. Therefore, students are expected to attend their session on a regular basis. Absences shall be excused for personal illness, illness in the family, religious reasons, death in the family, or for other reasons the home and school agree are for good cause. All other absences shall be unexcused.

Students should always be on time for the session.

Students will attend daily 100% (3 hours) of their session.

A student who has been absent from school / class more than ten (10) times per year will be required to have a doctor’s note for any additional absence. All absences beyond that number (10) per year without medical verification will be considered unexcused. A student must have a medical note for absences beyond ten (10) per year. Doctor’s notes will be presented to our secretary for verification. Any student who has an extended period of illness will need to have a doctor’s note on file explaining the chronic illness.

Students are to be ready to work at the beginning of their session time.
Excessive absence from school may result in dismissal from Lakota Central pursuant to HB410, truancy charges. 

When the student returns, the student needs to bring a note excusing his/her absence.