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Student in a lab looking at a test tube next to a professional in scrubs
Three students sitting on gym floor, one performing CPR on a dummy
Students spreading concrete behind a concrete truck as professionals and peer look on

Being future-ready requires real world learning experiences that challenge our students to solve real problems with the concepts they've learned. We do this by connecting our students to authentic audiences or industry experts. 

Real World Learning is any and all in-class or extracurricular experiences that facilitate learning about industry expectations, careers, professionalism and executive functioning skills. The focus is on experiences that relate academic content to real-life application.

Real world learning opportunities come in many forms and at all grade levels, but always connect back to the Portrait of a Lakota Graduate. This includes preparing students for the challenges they may face on their post-high school journey toward one of the 4Es: Enrollment, Enlistment, Employment, or Entrepreneurship.