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WE are Personalized is not just something we say; it's something we do. At Lakota Central, our students are able to choose the learning option that will best meet their needs in order to succeed in learning and life.

The Vision:

  • Students at Lakota Central will graduate with a diploma from Lakota Central.
  • WE will continue to increase our offerings and opportunities for our students.
  • Central students may participate in extra-curricular activities at their school of residence, as well as those offered at our school.

Multiple Learning Paths for Students:

  • Completely virtual learning with support from certified teachers;
  • In-person, live lesson instructions with smaller targeted groups;
  • Project-based learning options that will meet state standards;
  • Credit recovery options allows students to catch up to where they need to be;
  • Original credit in a more personalized instructional method allowing for targeted skill development; 
  • Optimal and customizable learning platforms;
  • Choice in scheduling; and 
  • Early  interventions for learning, at-risk data OR executive functioning support.


Central Academics

  • College Credit Plus (CCP) course supported by teachers;
  • Honors and remedial courses led by Lakota teachers;
  • English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Business, Fine Arts and even some Engineering courses are all accessible;
  • Original and elective credit

Lakota Central Offers

  • A fresh start for students;
  • A small school feel with a big school vision;
  • Two school counselors, a school-based therapist and knowledgable instructors, including:
    • 3 English
    • 3 Math
    • 2 Science
    • 2 Social Studies
    • 1 Business 
    • 2 Intervention Specialists; and 
    • 2 targeted Instructional Coaches.